Current corona measures in the funded family counseling centers read article

From 16 April 2022, face-to-face meetings with no further protective measures are able to be offered.

Family Guide - services for families in Austria read article

The Family Guide contains compact and understandable explanations for (expectant) mothers and fathers of the support measures and services provided for families by the state.

6th Austrian Family Report read article

It is not just values like the wellbeing of children and partnerships that are important for a successful family policy, but a thorough, scientific discussion of the topic of family is needed too.

Family Portal read article

The Family Portal offers all interested parties a great deal of information about financial support services and services for families in Austria.

Family Service read article

The Family Service is an information and service center run by the Division for Family and Youth within the Federal Chancellery.

Violence read article

Unfortunately, family is not always a place of safety and loving care.

Disability read article

Disabled people and their relatives often have special needs, regardless of whether the disability is a mental or physical one.

Being a parent read article

Being a parent is probably one of the tasks in life that takes the most strength, energy and commitment.

Pregnancy read article

For many expectant mothers and fathers, pregnancy is a time of unanswered questions or even uncertainty.

Extremism read article

Are you worried that your child, your friend or your pupil may have affiliated themselves with an extreme religious or political group?

Balancing family and career read article

To be able to manage the balance between family life and work, circumstances need to be created in which the family needs and the requirements of day-to-day working life are able to be reconciled as well as possible.

Financial help for families read article

Terrible events such as deaths can threaten the very existence of families.

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