Childcare without the guilty conscience read article

When parents work and have to have other people look after their children, this is often accompanied by a feeling of guilt.

Leaving children alone read article

From a certain age, parents ask themselves whether and for how long they can leave children alone at home. There are legal stipulations, but it also depends on how independent the child is.

Can I be friends with my child? read article

The mother/father role versus friends – are they mutually exclusive? How much do I have to stick to my parental role to be respected? These questions often come up when children get a bit older.

Raising twins – a special challenge? read article

When parents are expecting twins, they often ask whether there is anything special about raising them. Fundamentally no, says psychologist Melanie Henriks-Luckinger.

How children can be well prepared for life-changing situations read article

A change of home, moving abroad, an illness – there are many different events that can have a significant impact on life with children and the lives of those children.

My minor child is going abroad read article

When a child thinks about going to school abroad for a period of time, this can make parents anxious, particularly if their daughter or son is still a minor.

Who’s going to look after the children – you or me? read article

Couples often don’t agree on who should look after the children. The first question that comes up is where does that come from?

What is manipulation and how can I recognise it? read article

We can assume that basically everyone is manipulative. We learn that during childhood.

My children don’t accept my new partner read article

There are often difficulties when people start a new relationship after separating from the mother or father of their children.

How can I best get to know my patchwork children? read article

There is a kind of forced dependence between stepparents and stepchildren – you should be able to get along with one another even if you don’t like one another at the start.

How to help my children be more self-confident read article

There are phases when children and young people don’t like themselves and just find everything terrible.

My friends gossip about me read article

Family, clothes, inadequate language skills, changes in behaviour, posts on social networks – these are some of the many reasons that could cause people to gossip about others.

Being a parent read article

Being a parent is probably one of the tasks in life that takes the most strength, energy and commitment.

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