Pension splitting – how do we come to an agreement? read article

In voluntary pension splitting, the pension entitlements of one spouse are split between the two spouses. The idea is to balance out the financial loss that results from time spent raising children. It’s mostly women who benefit from this partnership-based solution. What do you do, though, if you can’t agree on it as a couple?

Does having children mean giving up your career? read article

It’s mostly women who pull back personally when they have children, while their partners continue to have careers.

We’re expecting a child, who should give up their career? read article

When couples are expecting their first child, it’s important to clarify how the baby will be looked after. To do this, a detailed discussion is needed between the parents-to-be.

Who should look after my child? read article

Childcare is an issue for all families with children, and difficult situations can occur for everyone, not just single parents.

Children, job, relationship – it is all getting too much for me read article

“Digitisation, working from home and a high workload put a lot of people, particularly single parents, under extreme time pressure,” explains Martina Hubner.

Balancing family and career read article

To be able to manage the balance between family life and work, circumstances need to be created in which the family needs and the requirements of day-to-day working life are able to be reconciled as well as possible.

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